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Silicone Coated Release Papers

Our silicone release paper can be manufactured with one or two sides coated with a solvent-less silicone polymer and are used to protect the adhesive in numerous tape, label, rubber and sealant products. The release papers come in a variety of coatings, release levels, and substrates. Silicone one-sided release liners are the Main component in the production and packaging of products that tend to stick in the manufacturing or the application of its use. In short, the silicone one-sided release liner is the backbone of the pressure sensitive tape, label, and related industries.

We can tailor make the silicone product to suit your particular need.

The Silicone Release papers have the following qualities like lay flatness, consistent release, die cuttability, printability, dimensional stability. Smooth surface, etc The silicone release papers come with different gsm from 35 to 160gsm and with different release value and size (upto 1650mm width)

The Variety of Silicone Coated Release papers are :

  • Glassine Release Paper
  • CCK Release Paper
  • Super calendered Kraft Release Paper
  • Poly Coated Kraft Release Paper
  • MG Bleached Kraft Release paper

Our products find applications in :

  • Pressure sensitive Label industry,
  • Self Adhesive Tapes,
  • Graphic Arts,
  • Construction ,
  • Hygiene, Sanitary Napkins
  • Medical Industry,
  • Fibre Composites Release Liners, etc.