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Release Liner

The release liners are used to carry and preserve the adhesive intact in numerous applications like label stock, tapes , etc. The release liners are the main ingredients in the above applications.

Our release liners are available on single side as well as double side in numerous substrates , release value and coatings. The release liners have the following qualities like lay flatness, consistent release, die cuttability, printability, dimensional stability.

The liners are available in following types

  • Polycoated Release Liners
  • Glassine Release Liners
  • Supercalendered Kraft Liners
  • Clay Coated Kraft Liners
  • Film Based Release lLiners

Our products find applications in :

  • Pressure Sensitive Label Industry,
  • Self Adhesive Tapes,
  • Graphic Arts,
  • Construction,
  • Hygiene, Sanitary Napkins
  • Medical Industry,
  • Fibre Compositors Release Liners, etc.