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Poly Coated Glassline & Maplitho Paper

Glassine paper has good oil and grease resistance . The Polycoated OLB (Opaque Lamination Base)/ glass line paper finds application in packaging material :

Glassine Paper

We offer high quality Glassine Paper to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation. These glassine paper are available in market at very competitive prices.

Poly Coated Glassine Paper

Poly Coated Glassine Paper has good oil and grease resistance. The Poly coated OLB (Opaque Lamination Base)/ Glassine paper finds application in packaging material:

  • Pharma industry such as tablet strip packaging.
  • Sachet for packaging of sugar, salt, pepper, tea.
  • Pouches for surgical gloves, syringes, needles etc.

Vomit Bag

These non vomit bag are available in different specification depending upon product demand. We can produce Vomit Bags with best quality along with different printing options.